Before we get into the nursing process, we just wanted to remind you—in case you didn’t already know—that all of us here at Hurrah House are rooting for you.

Like… picture us in the stands with giant home-made signs and pom-poms..

We totally believe that 2017 is your year. We trust that you have some exciting things planned for the next few months and that you will continue to have the courage to follow through with them.

The things that you’ve been dreaming about for weeks now…. You’re going to make ‘em happen.

We believe in you!

To stay out of goal-overwhelm + laser in on the most important thing you can do for yourself in 2017, try goal-setting using the 5-step nursing process.

So, back to the nursing process. To help you stay out of goal-overwhelm and laser in on the most important thing you can do for yourself in 2017, we wanted to introduce yet another li’l goal setting tactic.

If you want to choose the right goal and stay on top of it, this video is a must watch. You’ll learn a simple five-step process to help you choose the right goal and make it work for your unique lifestyle.

Even if you feel like you’re the ultimate goal-setting master, take a few moments to listen to B’s nursing process and see if you get any fresh ideas.

(P.S. grab our free downloadable goal setting workbook below. It will help you assess yourself and get clarity on what goals are right for you this year)

Let’s get started!

There you have it. The 5-step nursing process! We will never look at goal-setting the same. Thanks for the info, B!

Need help assessing yourself to choose your big-picture goal? No problem. We know it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve put together a worksheet with guided questions for you to answer so you can get more clarity in choosing what goals are right for you this year.

Download your free 2-page workbook below!

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