Early adulthood is one of the most trying times of your life.

Sure.. in one sense, it’s amazing. There is so much freedom. There are so many possibilities. You have an entire life ahead of you to figure it out. H O W E V E R, on the other hand, there is so. much. pressure. You feel that you have to figure everything out right now—even though you have no idea what you really want to do.

Now, pair that with the struggle of balancing school, work, family, friends and all the other hurdles that go along with entering into adulthood and you can feel like you’re taking on a huge, life-defining test that you just aren’t prepared for.

Here’s the thing, we get it. We feel it too.

Is anyone else tired of trying to navigate through early adulthood with absolutely no idea what you are doing? Are you tired of chasing after society’s definition of success (’cause newsflash: There is not a one-size fits all plan for life)? Are you tired of feeling hopeless and confused?

You are in the perfect place.

Think of this platform as a roadmap for early adulthood. We’re sharing our best tips and practices that we’ve learned in our twenties to help you design a foundation for your soul-fulfilling dream-life (and have a seriously fun time while you’re building it).

  • We believe that you should wake up every day and feel empowered and confident to live out your unique purpose.
  • We believe you are 100% capable.
  • We believe in the life-giving power of community (over competition—go ahead and throw comparison out the window).
  • We want to help equip you with the tools and resources you need to live every day with intention and focus.

We want to empower girls to confidently embrace who they are and chase after their God-given purpose to live a meaningful, intentional life.

You have a place here.

See how you can get involved.